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Sustainability today

for a better tomorrow 

At Aarksee, we understand the importance of protecting the environment for the future. Our team of experts are passionate about finding solutions and creating strategies that will help mitigate the impact of human activities on the environment. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that their sustainability goals are met. Our customized solutions are designed to help protect the environment, minimize waste, and reduce carbon footprints.

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Our Zero Carbon motto is for promoting new technologies that aim towards generating zero carbon emissions while still benefiting the world and our environment.


We are committed to creating long-lasting value for our corporate clients in their sustainability and Net-Zero journey through decarbonization and Nature-based Solutions.

The group

Aarksee, through its group of companies, is continuously engaged with its clients, partners and collaborators, to provide a value-creating array of sustainability services, across the spectrum of....


Enable businesses to build value using Nature-based Solutions to accomplish carbon neutrality , and prosper responsibly.

Why a
Sustainability advisory

Sustainability - “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” - United Nations Brundtland Commission, 1987.

Effective climate action needs a comprehensive sustainability and Net-Zero strategy.  More than 21% of companies in the Forbes’ Global 2000 list have committed to meet Net Zero targets – a growing trend – either voluntarily or to meet compliance targets

Aarksee offers solutions for arid-land plantations using 4IR technologies in inaccessible regions – reducing the manpower requirement and increasing plantation efficiency.


A multitude of carbon capture solutions is offered through nature-based solutions such as microalgae photobioreactors & mechanical systems for localized as well as industrial-scale carbon capture.

Carbon capture

Biocrude is one of the most usable forms of renewable energy with the ability to blend with conventional oil. Aarksee produced the first biocrude from microalgae in Saudi Arabia in a pilot-scale project


Mangroves – constitute a key component of blue carbon due to their high carbon sequestration capability & reduced requirement for freshwater. Aarksee has planted more than 15 million mangroves across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contributing to a hefty blue carbon capability.


Aarksee offers a host of algae solutions from the design, construction & operation of algal facilities, the development of photobioreactors, use of algae for carbon sequestration, production of commodities & high-value products from algae.




The Aarksee Group holds in its portfolio, unique technologies - many used for the first time in the Middle East, integrating 4IR technologies & AI developed through our field experience and with a network of international partners. The use of such technologies increases the effectiveness of operations – reducing the carbon footprint and the utilization of resources.

Net-Zero approach

This entails strategic planning, carbon footprint assessment and implementation of sustainability practices to reduce and offset carbon emissions. This may involve adopting renewable energy sources, enhancing energy efficiency, promoting circular economy principles, and investing in carbon offset initiatives to compensate for unavoidable emissions.

Sustainability services

Assessing current practices, recommending sustainable strategies, and guiding organizations in meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. This holistic approach aims to enhance long-term resilience, reputation, and positive societal impact for businesses embracing sustainable practices.

Data Advisory

Assisting our clients in bridging the gap to achieve their net zero carbon targets from a practical perspective, by fine-tuning their existing practices through scientific methods and investing in nature-based solutions

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