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Why a sustainability advisory.. ?

This Sustainability - “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” - United Nations Brundtland Commission, 1987

Effective climate action needs a comprehensive sustainability and Net-Zero strategy.  More than 21% of companies in the Forbes’ Global 2000 list have committed to meet Net Zero targets – a growing trend – either voluntarily or to meet compliance targets.

Businesses need to

Cover the climate risk

Systemic risk with notable effects on business health.

Comply to Sustainability

Regulatory requirements for corporates for sustainability-related reporting.

Manage Reputational risk

Company’s reputation simply
correlates with its overall success.

We assist  our clients in bridging the gap to achieve their net zero carbon targets from a practical perspective, by fine tuning their existing practices through scientific methods and investing in nature based solutions

The A4D Paradigm

Assess your footprints - CARBON, WATER & BIODIVERSITY. Look into governance & social gaps in the business’s activities.


Design the path towards Net-Zero with customised decarbonization, leveraging 4IR technologies.

Develop a holistic sustainability strategy (ESG) for your business.

Do - implementing project activities towards achieving decarbonization, governance and social gaps.

Disclose -Reporting of the activities and the social and governance structure and initiatives through GRI/CDP/TCFD/SBTI/PAS 2060*.

*  Sustainability reporting standards

Sustainability Services

  •  ESG strategy development, materiality assessment, implementation and reporting as per frameworks - GRI, SASB, CDP, TCFD etc.

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission quantification and verification

  • Decarbonization services

  • Carbon project consulting

  • Nature-based Solutions

  •  LCA Studies

  •  ESIA Consulting

  • Carbon Neutral events

Projects stories

The Aarksee Group has under its portfolio, a diverse array of projects ranging from design, development and operation of nature-based solutions & consultancy projects for blue carbon.

Pilot microalgae facility to provide proof of concept for the production of biocrude from microalgae - first in Saudi Arabia.

Client: Saudi Aramco


Design, development, installation and operation of algae photobioreactors for carbon sequestration through a high carbon sequestration potential within a small footprint. 

Client: Saudi Aramco

Artificial Tree 

Pilot project to provide proof of concept for the production of seaweed on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia & marketing of the seaweed. 

Client: Saudi Aramco


Plantation projects for 14 million Mangroves in the Abu Ali, Ras Tanura & Manifa regions of the Eastern Province.

Client: Saudi Aramco

Mangrove plantation

Plantation of native terrestrial trees using drones & 4IR technology in inaccessible regions of Saudi Arabia. 

Client: Saudi Aramco

Native terrestrial tree plantation

Quantifying and mapping the amount of carbon stored in various components of mangrove ecosystems.

Carbon stock assessment of Mangroves

Development of carbon methodologies for the production, sequestration & storage of microalgae, artificial algae trees and macroalgae (sea grass & kelp)

Client: Saudi Aramco

Development of carbon methodologies

Mangrove plantation projects in the various regions of Saudi Arabia.


Mangrove plantation

Development of carbon credits for the various carbon restoration projects – for the first time within the MENA region. 

Development and issuance of Carbon Credits from mangrove Restoration

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