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aarksee group of companies

Nature based solutions,for a better planet

Need for high carbon capture solutions within a small footprint for urban areas

Small foot print

Need for aesthetic solutions that blend with the decor of alpha cities


Need for a system that functions independently with a high degree of automation


Need for a system that displays its performance attributes publicly for full transparency of its functioning


Algae based

Direct Air Capture systems

The  artificial tree is a state-of-the-art first-of-its-kind microalgae photobioreactor designed with a primary focus on carbon sequestration. The system uses a multi-pronged approach constituting the biological component consisting of commercially viable microalgae that capture CO2 through photosynthesis as well as an advanced Carbon, Capture & Storage (CCS) system that captures CO2 and stores them permanently in the form of carbonates that can be used for various industrial applications

Why an artificial tree ?

Why an artificial tree..?

Promote sustainability in

every aspect

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Carbolexa - Outdoor CCS

The Carbolexa is an outdoor CCS system where the carbon is directly sequestered and stored in the form of minerals that be used as value-added product. 

Mini- Artificial tree

Our unique mini-artificial trees are designed to be installed in offices or other indoor areas with a lower ceiling. This would allow localised carbon capture in these indoor areas but with a much larger carbon capture potential than indoor plants. 

Hybrid Unit

The algae trees are available with the option of a hybrid power supply where a portion of the energy requirements are met using various forms of renewable energy, reducing the operating footprint of the algae trees and increasing their net carbon capture. 

Outdoor Unit

The outdoor units of our algae trees come with unique modifications for the extreme conditions present in the GCC including frequent dust-storms and high temperatures.

Indoor Unit

We offer unique indoor units characterized by customized designs that blend seamlessly with their aesthetic and exquisite design – a sight to behold. Further, they have a very low noise operation and can even be integrated into HVAC exhausts.

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