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Nature based solutions,for a better planet

Need for high carbon capture solutions within a small footprint for urban areas

Small foot print

Need for aesthetic solutions that blend with the decor of alpha cities


Need for a system that functions independently with a high degree of automation


Need for a system that displays its performance attributes publicly for full transparency of its functioning


Algae based

Direct Air Capture systems

The  artificial tree is a state-of-the-art first-of-its-kind microalgae photobioreactor designed with a primary focus on carbon sequestration. The system uses a multi-pronged approach constituting the biological component consisting of commercially viable microalgae that capture CO2 through photosynthesis as well as an advanced Carbon, Capture & Storage (CCS) system that captures CO2 and stores them permanently in the form of carbonates that can be used for various industrial applications

Why an artificial tree ?

Why an artificial tree..?

Promote sustainability in

every aspect

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Carbolexa - Outdoor CCS

The Carbolexa is an outdoor CCS system where the carbon is directly sequestered and stored in the form of minerals that be used as value-added product.